• Metal decoration
  • Powder coating
  • Steel constructions
  • Metal Furniture
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Plasma cutting
  • Welding MIG/MAG


The company manufactures metalwork:

  • candlesticks
  • saucers for glass, ceramics
  • metal stands with lighting
  • metal shop furniture
  • enamelled signboards
  • powder coated signboards
  • lanterns
  • metal garden furniture
  • metal decoration for gardens
  • stainless steel balustrades
  • regular steel balustrades
  • steel structures
  • exhibition tables with lighting


The company provides multiple services, such as:

  • processing of: regular metal sheets, stainless metal sheets, metal sheets for enamelling
  • cutting, bending, blanking, pressing, spinning
  • powder coating
  • MIG/MAG, TIG welding
  • turning, milling, threading
  • production of tools:
    • blanking dies
    • stamping dies
    • bending dies
  • performance of non-standard orders

About Us

We are a well developing manufacturing-commercial-service enterprise. We’ve been operating on the market since 1989. Our company is characterised with reliability and professionalism which allowed us to attain renown. Our products reach customers mainly from such countries as: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark as well as Canada, USA and Russia. Nevertheless, we keep searching for new clients. We are open to cooperate with national entrepreneurs, merchants and wholesalers.

The company is located in Poland - Myślenice, at Drogowców 7 street and it conducts its activity in its own facilities. The company hires about 50 qualified employees. We have a spacious, thus, functional work area at our disposal, consisting of over 1000m2 of manufacturing workshops, 600m2 of warehouses and 200m2 of showrooms. We obtain the highest quality of products by means of, for instance, daily remuneration system and corporate quality control system at all stages of production.

Product catalogue

Christmas candlesticks

Table candlesticks

Floor candlesticks

Wall candlesticks

Hanging candlesticks

Tealight candlesticks

Metal with glass

Stands for wine

Products for the garden

Metal furniture



Stainless products


Metal shop furniture

Saucers for glass

Decorative glass




+48 12 274 36 13

Centrala: +48 12 274 20 49
+48 12 274 20 50
Jan Burkat: +48 502 309 861

Address for correspondence:
Firma Produkcyjno-Handlowo
-Usługowa JAN BURKAT
ul. Drogowców 7
32-400 Myślenice

Additional information:
NIP 681-100-07-70 |   REGON 350721257
PEKAO SA O/Myślenice

Producent świeczników

Świeczniki i dekoracje, metaloplastyka. Zobacz nasz katalog świeczniki Produkujemy stylowe ozdoby do domu i ogrodu. Specjalizujemy się w kowalstwie artystycznym i metaloplastyce.

Metaloplastyka- metalowe dekoracje i ozdoby. Strona producenta metaloplastyki.

Katalog F-MEDIA